The New Dominant Life Form

The New Dominant Life Form is a carefully designed phrase referring to the modern corporation and its allies. Specifically we mean large for-profit corporations. We are not concerned with small corporations or non-profits because they are relatively benign.

This concept is part of the Niche Succession Simulation Model presented in the Dueling Loops of the Political Powerplace book. The model proposes that there is an intense, prolonged battle for control of the biosphere between Homo sapiens and the modern corporation. The modern corporation is winning the battle, and is now the undisputed master of the human system. This has already occurred in the United States, where corporate influence has allowed election of corporate proxies to most of congress and, in 2001, the white house.

Because humans are a genetic life form and corporations are a memetic life form, the modern corporation is now the New Dominant Life Form. This perspective can be a great help in determining how to turn the tables and make Homo sapiens the master of his own destiny once again. This may no longer be possible, however, because of the power of the Competitive Exclusion Principle. The first time Homo sapiens gained control of it niche (the biosphere), there was no competitor. But for the second time there is. It is extremely difficult to drive a well adapted life form out of its niche. It may be impossible if that life form can adapt much faster than the one trying to displace it, which is the case here. Memetic evolution occurs several orders of magnitude faster than genetic evolution, which gives the New Dominant Life Form a large and potentially insurmountable competitive advantage.

Corporations are winning, and people are losing

How insurmountable the corporate advantage is may be seen in the table below. 17 attributes are listed. In the first attribute people have the advantage over corporations. In the second they are equal. In all the rest corporations have the overwhelming competitive advantage. Poor Homo sapiens doesn’t stand a chance. Unless, of course, we can figure out how to overcome systemic change resistance. After that we can redesign the modern corporation to be a trusted servant whose goals are aligned with those of its master, Homo sapiens.

Table of The Competitive Advantage of Two Life Forms, The Modern Corporation and Homo sapiens

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The Corporate Dominance Loop

Diagram of corporate dominance loop

See this article about the corporate dominance loop. An easy to follow illustration is used to show how the loops works, what its root cause is, and the inevitable consequences.

Solutions that won't work are discussed, along with one that will. The ones that won't work are:

Repealing Citizens United

Campaign finance reform

Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns

Repealing corporate personhood

The solution that can work is:

Changing the goal of the corporate life form to one that aligns with that of people.

Reengineering Corporation 1.0 into Corporation 2.0

Corporation 1.0 is what we have now. The modern large for-profit corporation was never engineered. It evolved of its own accord to fill an empty ecological niche.

Corporation 2.0 is what we need to implement. It's tomorrow's trusted servant style corporation. Their chartered goal is to provide the goods and services needed to optimize quality of life for people in a socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable way. Corporation 2.0 is the main solution element for solving the life form proper coupling problem.

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