How You Can Help

The goal of is to help solve the complete sustainability problem using the most efficient and effective methods of analysis available.

That is not an easy goal. In fact, it's proven very difficult so far. The pattern is the paradigm is so far from conventional wisdom that very few people have taken up the Thwink approach. This is the phenomenon of new paradigm change resistance. Paradigm change is unfortunately usually slow.

If you would like to help us overcome that change resistance, here's a few ways you can help:

1. Put these ideas to use! The website is primarily an educational reference site. It's loaded with ideas that may help you better achieve your own goals.

Book cover - Cutting Through Complexity2. We're writing a new book. You can critique it as new chapters emerge. This would be tremendous assistance, because it's hard for the author to see how others will react. We need honest feedback on these questions: Is the book understandable? Is it persuasive? Is it engaging enough to keep reading? Is it too technical? The audience is influential environmentalists. Here's the book.

3. Help us improve the materials. is an educational reference site. It's loaded with a wide variety of materials on how to more productively go about solving the sustainability problem. These items can be improved. Some could be written better. Some that are needed are missing. When you see a way to improve something, contact us and let us know.

4. Share these ideas with others. Little progress is being made with current approaches to solving the sustainability problem. offers a way forward based on application of new tools, like root cause analysis and the System Improvement Process. Share these ideas with others. Sit down with influential people you know and show them what excites you. Explain WHY it can help us move forward. Or introduce us to someone you know and let us chat with them.

5. Innovative new ideas. Perhaps you have some insights about how the Thwink approach or materials could be improved in a whole new way. Or maybe just a small twist that could make a big difference.

Thanks. One small step at a time we can work together to help solve the most important problem in the world.