The No More Trumps Film Series

Film series title: No More Trumps


Please note that these films are not anti-Trump. They are anti-authoritarian.

Our world has entered the crisis stage for solving its most important problem, climate change. With the election of Donald Trump and his subsequent actions to NOT solve the climate change problem, it's easy to conclude that there is no longer any rational hope the problem can be solved and that civilization is doomed, due to environmental collapse.

We at would like to offer an alternate conclusion, as embodied in these films.

The opening text crawl of Film 1 provides an overview of the film series. Bolding has been added so you can skim for the heart of the matter:

The flow of history has taken our world into troubling times. We are losing ground. Democracy itself begins to unravel under the onslaught of more problems than the system can solve.

The latest of these problems, the ascendency of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States, signals something has gone terribly wrong. Unless this situation is reversed humanity will be unable to solve its biggest problems, including climate change and war, and will suffer catastrophic decline.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The tools for solving problems of any kind were invented long ago. But they were invented in the business world, a world far apart from public interest activism.

Since 2001 has been on a quest to explore the business world, find the right tools, and adapt them to fit the world’s biggest problems. Then activism will have the tool set it needs to solve these problems before they become permanently unsolvable.

This is a story of rational hope.

That last sentence says it all. The thwinkers at strongly feel that rational, evidence based analysis of the problem, using the right tools, will lead to solutions that have never been tried before in a focused, sustained, large-scale manner. As Film 1 explains, this begins with asking The Right Question.

Outline of the Planned Film Series

(This section is in progress.)

Episode 1 - The Right Question - 50 minutes

Here's the first film in the series. It's best seen in full screen with good speakers or headphones.

No More Trumps: Episode 1 - The Right Question from on Vimeo.